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03 - The Seventeenth
of July
- 2´33

(Music: Alan Griffin)
(Produced and arranged by Alan Griffin & Joxan Goikoetxea)

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Recording engineer: Joxan Goikoetxea
Recorded at Aztarna Studio (Hernani, Gipuzkoa) throughout 2017.

Mixing and Digital Mastering:
Mikel F.Krutzaga – Musikart Studio (Amezketa - Gipuzkoa).

Alan Griffin: flute
Joxan Goikoetxea: accordion and keyboards
Arkaitz Miner:
Juanjo Otxandorena: bouzuki
Fiachra Mac Gabhann: mandolin
Iosune Marin: acoustic guitar

This waltz was composed for the wedding of Alan´s brother Brian to Mary Quinn nearly twenty years ago. There's an alboka setting of it on Halfway to Hell: Albokarako 333 doinu, Nº 189.

I managed to insinuate this waltz into the repertoire of several groups I've played with over the past two decades.

However, I resisted trying to get it onto the Basque CD's I've been involved in, to protect their Basqueness from its Celtic contamination. But I've given up these notions in my old age, so here's a waltz that sounds Canadian to me. And it made a cheap wedding present too.

Joxan and Juanjo have had to play it with me hundreds of times over the years. And I couldn't imagine it without a fiddle, so we co-opted Arkaitz, who's also played it with us time out of number
















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About twenty years ago we recorded the first version of this fine waltz by Alan in the late-lamented studio that I had in Lastaola, Hernani. It was an original wedding present for his brother Brian.


Lastaola saw the birth of several projects, including the Aztarna record-label, and it was where the first Alboka rehearsals took place in 1994, with Josean Martín Zarko, Txomin Artola, Alan and your humble servant.

We ought to write a book, there are so many interesting experiences and adventures to tell.











Segi Aztarna...